The Beastie Book: An Alphabestiary [For Children of All Ages]

Do you have a child or grandchild between the ages of 3 or 4 up to about 10? If so, he or she might enjoy my newest children’s alphabet poetry book, The Beastie Book.


This read-aloud book contains rhyming poems for each letter of the alphabet, the letters hidden in stunning, full-color illustrations by Alexandra Miller. Gorgeously produced in a hand-sewn, hardcover edition, all who have bought and/or read the collection have loved it.

It is available from the publisher or on where you can find a  “look inside the book” invitation, with sample poems and illustrations. Check it out here–and be sure to look for the hidden letter “A” in the sample illustration: at:

You can find some of the book’s reviews at the following links:

And poet X. J. Kennedy said of the book:

“In the rollicking verse of THE BEASTIE BOOK, Penny Harter creates stupendously ridiculous new animals never seen before, and swaggeringly colorful illustrations fit the poems like gloves.  This book has been thoroughly child-tested and warmly approved (by several of my grandchildren).”

I have enjoyed visiting the primary grades, and even up through grade 4, in various elementary schools in New Jersey. Using the poems in the book as examples, I lead both teachers and students through the process of writing about and illustrating their very own Beasties for letters of their choice.

Here’s an example of one such school visit, along with Alexandra Miller who delightfully illustrated the students’ “class beastie poems” on the spot:

It’s a fun lesson, and if you are interested in having me visit your school to work with your faculty and students, please contact me at

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