New Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition of “The Haiku Handbook” Arrives

About ten days ago I got my first “author” copies of the new edition of The Haiku Handbook. I’m thrilled to say that the book is beautiful. Barry Lancet, our / my editor at Kodansha International had told me that books would be available in Japan in November, and in the states early in 2010. The book is in a trade paperback format (larger), with a lovely new cover and an inviting new Foreword by Jane Reichhold. In addition, a few other poets have offered new blurbs—including X. J. Kennedy and Jane Hirshfield. I am blessed by their generosity.

It is a wonder that the book has been in print for twenty-five years, now. How well I remember Bill’s serendipitous meeting of Bonnie Crown at the New York Bookfair (Bonnie later became his agent, and now is mine);  the years of Bill’s writing the book  (with me both helping and cheering him on); Bill’s buying us our first Kaypro computers so he could edit it down when, after he submitted the manuscript,  McGraw Hill told him they wanted a Handbook, not an Encyclopedia; and our exciting  publication party at the Armory in Manhattan. How very pleased and excited I know Bill would be to see this book come out in this handsome new edition—as am I.

About penhart

I am a poet and writer, published widely in journals and anthologies, and my literary autobiography appears as an extended essay in "Contemporary Authors." My poems have recently appeared in "Rattle" ,"Tiferet," and "U.S. 1 Worksheets". Work has also appeared in "The Valparaiso Poetry Review," and "Umbrella." Recent books include 'One Bowl" (2012); "Recycling Starlight" (2010); and "The Night Marsh" (2008).. Earlier collections include "Along River Road"; "Lizard Light: Poems From the Earth"; and "Buried in the Sky." My illustrated alphabestiary for children, "The Beastie Book," was published in the December, 2009, by Shenanigan Books. I have won three poetry fellowships from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, as well as awards from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, the Mary Carolyn Davies Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America, and the first William O. Douglas Nature Writing Award for my work in the anthology "American Nature Writing 2002." I was invited to be a "featured poet" and read at the 2010 Dodge Poetry Festival, and was awarded a residency / fellowship for January, 2011, at VCCA (Virginia Center for the Creative Arts." I live in the South Jersey shore area, and work as a visiting poet in the schools through programs sponsored by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and various other agencies. I'm still fairly new at blogging and hope to add more graphics, etc., as I learn more.
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6 Responses to New Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition of “The Haiku Handbook” Arrives

  1. Mark says:

    A fabulous book, one that has opened my eyes to the beauty of the Haiku form, and also short form poetry in general.

  2. penhart says:

    Thanks, Mark. I’m glad the book has been of use to you. I appreciate your comment.

  3. Alan Summers says:

    A terrific book that I constantly recommend to both US and British folks, and to people from other countries too!

    Congrats on getting it re-released with new extras too! 😉


    • Penny Harter says:

      Thanks so much, Alan! I really appreciate the cheers, and I know Bill does, too. I’m grateful the book has reached out to so many. May this new edition continue to do the same :).

  4. Great big buckets and barrels of congratulations to you, Penny — and of course to Bill — on this book’s new publication, and for making it to twenty-five years. That’s truly an accomplishment. The book is still the #1 book I recommend to everyone new to haiku. It’s only sad that Bill wasn’t able to update the book himself, which I know is something he wanted. Of people writing literary haiku in English today, I would venture to say that more of them owe what they know to this book than to any other.


    • penhart says:

      Thanks, Michael! I know how much those long haiku-related conversations you two had between NM and CA meant to Bill—and I really appreciate your kinds words—as I’m sure Bill does as well.

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